Stiletto Gestapo…..

I know quite a string of divorced people, and considering the stats I think (sadly) that this is something that could actually be turned around… i.e ‘I know a couple of married people’…


As I sipped my coffee this morning and thought back of my busy week, I thought of everything enmeshed with whats all going on in my children’s lives right now and just the ‘balls to the wall’ pace at which we are moving at, week after week. Then I wondered if it ever occurred to ‘he who must not be named’ what it entails to be a 100% present, hands on parent? This right here was the que for Mizz. ‘Immediate Expectation’ to show up, dressed in S&M leathers and stiletto’s together with a hard rock, angry justified woman soundtrack que of “I’m a bitch, I’m a mother, I’m a child, I’m a lover…..” Carrying a banner reading, “A thank you would be good, and if not that, some form of gratitude, Asswipe!” My thoughts screeched to I blinding halt – My now nerdy consciousness woke up with all the mad noise in my head realising I was yet again ‘fantasizing’ about shit!

I don’t always like the arrival of sanity. Hanging with ‘justified stiletto’ chic is way more exciting at first, but it hurts after a while…. what I am starting to realise is that I need to keep myself rooted to reality and just accept life the way it is. A ‘Thank you’ won’t be forthcoming and ‘expectations are resentments just waiting to happen’.

So here I am, finishing up my morning thoughts with my cup of Jo thinking gratefully how my reality Gestapo has become a way more hardcore chic!

Pixling thinks…. Oy Vey 😉


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